One size fits none

We Think

First, we talk to you and get your perspective - see what you have in mind. Then we talk to most, if not all participants, one-on-one, to get a solid idea of how they perceive reality right now. It is critical that the tone of the workshop be not about “fixing them” but rather providing a resource “for them”. And the best way to accomplish this is to also know what’s on their “whiteboard”.

We Think


Armed with tons of knowledge (and important details), it is now time to crawl back in our cave and design the day. Of course, we’ll tell you what we have in mind. We exchange, listen, push back and fine-tune.



Finally, you congratulate us on being so precise, so bang on! We tell you that our reputation depended on it; we are only as good as our last workshop. And so, we always prepare like an underdog would.


Our best workshop? The next one.

We pride ourselves in being the hardest working training provider out there.

Don’t look for a catalogue of courses on our website, you won’t find one.

Now we do hope that you’ve had enough of the supposed customized training that is in fact a slightly tweaked off-the-shelf program, that’s been around for 15+ years (!)

We have a new option for you.


We approach every workshop initiative as if it is our only gig of the year. That's our mindset. We start with a blank slate and a mandate from you that does not have to be clear to begin with. We then operate from a burning desire to make your workshop the best one we’ve ever delivered. 

Now, the above description is probably something that leaves you with mixed feelings right now. On the bright side, you do want a workshop that is so relevant to your reality, that participants will think we’ve been working for your company and in your industry for years. But on the flip side, that does sound like an expensive workshop to design and deliver. Not so. Our one-day workshop averages $8500. And if you’ve been buying from the training industry before, you know this number to be reasonably priced. 

Now wait 'til you see the value!


It can help to know that we practice what we preach. We can theorize alright, but we have a healthy bias toward pragmatism. We sell, lead and get our hands dirty for a living, just like the participants in our workshops. We get them to roll up their sleeves by first rolling up our own.


You may have heard that we come from the hectic world of change management, where thorough analysis and hard work are critical to the way we bring about results for our clients. We brought that mindset to the training industry, and by virtue of this alone, we are disrupting it! 

Yes, our competitive spirit is high. And that plays not only in our favour right now, it plays in yours. Indeed, we will want you to win as bad as we want to win. This attitude is contagious. So hopefully you will also bring your fair share of fighting spirit, as that stuff tends to multiply ⎯ increasing the odds of success of your workshop.

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