Meet the kind of people we design workshops for


54 years old, Montreal

He’s a VP Sales who’s been known to, on most years, reallocate training budget to… something else. Can you blame him? The corporate training industry has been laughing its way to the bank for years while providing a weak ROI. Yes, change is hard and people are creatures of habit. But more needs to be done from the “training experts” to bring about real improvements. He’s heard about Elliot Jaxx raising the bar in the industry. He’s about to find out for himself.


47 years old, Toronto

He’s been in the pharma industry for 20+ years. He used to be a star and now he’s an experienced fair performer. For the past couple of years, he’s been in the habit of assigning blame, looking for convenient truths. The bigger issue though is that in these challenging times, if you’re not improving, you’re falling behind. 

Peter has been to numerous training sessions over his career. Some were ok, most were “a huge waste of his time”. Cynicism has now settled in. He is firmly convinced that he has all the skills he needs and that the training session will be a paint-by-numbers instruction that will “once again” insult his intelligence. 

Elliot Jaxx will surprise him with solid battle tested tools and ideas he knows will make a difference, because he’s leveraged them in the past, but inconsistently. Jeff will come out of the session saying: “Sometimes, we need to be reminded of what made us that much more successful in the past. Add to this a few practical new ideas, and a hint of attitude readjustment… it never hurts.”


38 years old, Toronto

She’s a fierce leader working for a big CPG. Usually, when she takes training, she gets the big bucks from HR and goes to a Harvard seminar. She only wants what’s best. If the workshop sucks, she’ll simply walk out. 

She’s heard good things about Elliot Jaxx, but she believes people are easily pleased. She’s coming in with a healthy dose of skepticism: “Let’s see if I can really learn a thing or two from this workshop.”


26 years old, New York

Lauren’s career is on the rise. She’s got game. Although a little refinement would not hurt. Actually, it’s needed. But she can’t really see that, as success can cause you to stay in your comfort zone and blind you to other opportunities to improve. 

As her leader, you actually believe she’s got untapped potential to unlock. You’ve had conversations about what she needs to do to get to the next level. Now you believe she would benefit from hearing it from someone else; a different voice, a fresh approach to the same challenge. 

Of course, Lauren’s going to commit to feverishly applying a few things she’s captured and practiced during the workshop conducted by Elliot Jaxx. Because that’s what we do: getting people to commit and getting their leaders to follow-up with the much needed “task tension”.


41 years old, Vancouver

Rosie just had an epiphany moment in the shower: “Every single presentation I give, every meeting I lead, with no exception, whether internally or at clients, is a seized or missed opportunity. They are moments of truth. In the harsh judgment of people’s eyes, I’m only as good as my last presentation. I need to be smarter about the way I prepare and plan my success. Because when I deliver something that raises people’s interest, the influence points I gain come plentiful.”


45 years old, Toronto

He’s an experienced learning executive who needs a little support in thinking through the plan for next year. He’s also open to getting a few other ideas on how to best tackle the transformation the organization wants to make. Because his plate is full, he’s looking to bring on board more energy and brain power… Elliot Jaxx.


50 years old, New York

He’s an account director who works for a tech start-up. For him, having a “training session” land on his calendar is embraced with all the enthusiasm of a required trip to the pharmacy to buy Q-tips. We don’t blame him. But this time Elliot Jaxx is leading the day. He’s in for a pleasant surprise.

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